Thursday, 6 September 2012


It all started with a little pig...
The Pig
 Then an owl thing...
The owl thing
And then all hell broke loose...

A monster and dinosaur were next.

The Monster
The Dinosaur
Getting on famously

They were eager to be played with...

A late-night knock at the door introduced 
two tiny marshmallow monsters.
Marshmallow monsters
 They settled right in, largely keeping themselves to themselves.

Sitting in the penis garden

Sepia field of penises

 A pair of gloves walked in 
(using the index and middle fingers as legs, in case you're wondering),
and with a twist and with a flick,
they turned into animals. 

Get out of my face, braces rabbit

Gosh, it's getting crowded in here.
I'mma hafta make some beds out of drawers, like at a fictional orphanage.

We'll keep you up to date if any more unexpected visitors drop by.

- Chris

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