Tuesday, 18 September 2012


We are creating a family. Chris is sewing in front of me, asking me: "Did you mention I'm sewing right now?". I did now. I like to see him sew. And this is how we roll.

First the darumas, then the monsters. But we still felt like playing with our stencils a bit more.  The spray got deep into our lungs... and... souls?
And thus: the cats were born!
Cute, scary, stupid, artist, you name it.

They went to Nara for a while, to the "Nyaramachi Neko Matsuri" (cat festival), we missed them, and some were sold and found a new home. Now we hear them purr in the house, playing with the monsters.

making the stencils

Thursday, 6 September 2012


It all started with a little pig...
The Pig
 Then an owl thing...
The owl thing
And then all hell broke loose...

Thursday, 23 August 2012



We were thinking of what to make, and we made Darumas.
Lots of Darumas.
What is a Daruma? It is a Japanese good luck thing (and it looks like Matt in his red hoodie).
This was made with stencil and spray ink, on our balcony.
After the big one, many others followed, like mushrooms, darumas started appearing (and disappearing) everywhere in our house. They gained a life of their own, some live in friends' houses now, some are still waiting for better luck, there is Darumarylin, Pandaruma, Cute creepy bearlike thing daruma, and they all love you.
We love them too. So much they gave the second name to our lovely house: The Daruma House.

See what we made - after the jump.