Tuesday, 18 September 2012


We are creating a family. Chris is sewing in front of me, asking me: "Did you mention I'm sewing right now?". I did now. I like to see him sew. And this is how we roll.

First the darumas, then the monsters. But we still felt like playing with our stencils a bit more.  The spray got deep into our lungs... and... souls?
And thus: the cats were born!
Cute, scary, stupid, artist, you name it.

They went to Nara for a while, to the "Nyaramachi Neko Matsuri" (cat festival), we missed them, and some were sold and found a new home. Now we hear them purr in the house, playing with the monsters.

making the stencils

Thursday, 6 September 2012


It all started with a little pig...
The Pig
 Then an owl thing...
The owl thing
And then all hell broke loose...